Health Screening

This is done using the Asyra Pro Bio-energetic screening. It is a totally non-invasive way to get information from the body about aspects of health that are balanced or imbalanced. Readings are taken by holding two brass handmasses, and tiny changes in the electrical resistance of your skin are monitored as different signals are output from the system.

If you are familair with Kinesiology (muscle testing), Asyra works works in a similar way, but it is computerised, and much faster. The system effectively asks thousands of “questions” of the body very quickly, and allows the practitioner to build up a picture of your body’s responses to a wide variety of items, which give important clues to the healing process.

The information we can gather from a screening includes:

Imbalances and weakness in organ systems
The screening will identify which of the major organs of your body are currently in stressed or weakened states. As organ systems are linked together both physically and energetically, the system can also indicate the root cause of the imbalance.

Nutrition needs and food sensitivities
Nutritional screening provides an excellent indicator of your vitamin and mineral requirements and of any food sensitivities or adverse reactions that you may have. It also identifies any absorption problems. This provides a basis for appropriate nutritional therapy and smart eating plans, which we recommend as a base for all patients.

Environmental sensitivities
This type of sensitivity is often a symptom of deeper level imbalances, so you can potentially be de-sensitised using imprinted homeopathic remedies, in conjunction with a broader health improvement program.

Toxic load in the body
The presence of toxins influence health strongly, so we use the screening to identify any toxins that are affecting your health. We pay particular attention to how well your liver is functioning, since it is major detoxification organ. Ensuring that your body regulates toxins effectively is an essential part of any treatment program.

Consultations available at Dorchester Osteopaths, Charles Street Clinic, 47 Charles Street, Dorchester DT1 1EE; home visit or by Skype or phone

Remote Testing

I also offer remote screenings and these are available to other therapists as a valuable insite to your clients state of health and possible causative issues.  This is done using a hair sample. 

Comprehensive Remote testing and skype/phone consultation                              £75

Comprehensive Remote testing for other therapists                                                £50

Remote services are available throughout the UK.  Additional postage charges apply for overseas.




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